Successful Transitions in a Supportive Setting

About Us

The Approach is a co-ed transitional home environment designed to help teens and young adults transition out of the highly structured residential environment of a treatment center and into a more relaxed, less structured home environment. During their time at The Approach, students have the opportunity to:

Go to Gain Important Living Skills

Gain Important Living Skills

Students build living skills to help them make healthy, responsible decisions after leaving a treatment setting.

Go to Continue Their Academic Pursuits

Continue Their Academic Pursuits

Students continue their education at local high schools or universities, get involved in the community and get the chance to gain work experience in a local part-time job or internship.

Go to Make a Successful Transition

Make a Successful Transition

The goal of our program is to help students continue the progress and positive changes they made while undergoing treatment out in a “real world” setting.

Student Profile

The Approach helps teens and young adults who have successfully completed a treatment program such as residential treatment centers, wilderness therapy, or therapeutic boarding schools. Many of the young people we help have previously struggled with challenges such as:







School Refusal

Low Self Esteem

Our Campus

The Approach is located in a quiet, peaceful neighborhood in Syracuse, Utah. The comfortable home environment provides a relaxing setting for students to continue the healing process. View the images below for a look at the house. You can click on the images to expand.

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The Approach Home is a transitional residential setting for teens ages 15 - 19. The Approach Home is affiliated with Elevations RTC based in Syracuse, Utah. Any student who has successfully completed prior therapeutic services is potentially eligible to enroll at The Approach Home.